Database technical support

BMS Soft provides the technical support for the database
as the Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases vendors.

We offer the following database support services as

• Audit and Consulting Services
• DBA Support Services

Certified   with Oracle Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional BMS Soft DBA team maintain ongoing communication with the Customers regarding their database operations. We focus on the best practices usage and making things right timely to avoid performance issues, data loss or system downtime of our Customer.      

Audit and   Consulting Services - best way to know what is going on in company and to receive comprehensive competent advice.

We have certified specialists with great experience in inspecting   database and application design to provide recommendations how to obtain the best performance results.
Our specialists will analyse condition of your databases for the configuration, security, disaster recovery, performance tuning.  
Audit and   Consulting Services guarantees absolutely independent and professional analysis of database condition for the Customer.


Remote DBA Support Services are cost effective solutions.

Nowadays on the terms of tough economic situation   very many companies are cutting the amount of their staff. That is why there is the burning issue of the database service outsourcing, that means our Remote DBA Services. Although the company may have it own DBA team there are several money savings programs that are available whether the company targets at staff reductions or resources redeployment.


BMS Soft offers three levels of support

While having different options in the service set, every other level guarantees maintaining of your database on the high level.


Support start – We monitor the database on a 24/7 basis and give the customer a detailed report monthly.   It includes 2 hours of remote DBA support that can be used for anything related to Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is not proactive, but the customer can call us during business hours to handle any issues that might arise in terms of the databases performance. This is a good option for a small database.
Support base – We monitor the database on a 24/7 basis and give the customer a daily review of what is going on with the database. It includes 5 hours of remote DBA support and can be used for anything related to Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL.   It is proactive (see the following) and gives the customer coverage during business hours.    This is a good option for a mission critical database or one that has changes occurring to it on a regular basis. For an example of what we look at every day when doing a daily review click on this link.
Support full 24/7   – This is the business hours support but it gives pager coverage after hours with a guaranteed 1 hour response time. It is the option chosen for a mission critical database that can’t have an outage that is not addressed after hours.